Eureka! I have found it!

Although California’s state motto refers to the discovery of gold, it most certainly applies to just about every other aspect of this incredible state. Visitors will find virtually every experience they desire.  The outdoors offer hiking, skiing, breathtaking national parks, and some of the world’s best coastline for water-lovers; while theme parks offer the perfect adventure for kids and adults alike. California is a history buff’s dream and museums, botanical gardens, and art collections abound- just waiting to be explored.  It just might be the only state with the perfect climate and the perfect wine for absolutely every taste.

California Guide wants you to experience the best The Golden State has to offer; we offer travel tips and advice for those who are simply California Dreamin’, to those looking to formalize their travel plans. No matter which part of the state is on your itinerary, count on California Guide and our team of experts to help make your trip unforgettable.