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Guide of US, including the GuideofUS Media network, was developed to provide travelers with everything they’ll need to create the perfect trip. Since 2000, our company has assisted millions of visitors in the process of planning and booking the vacation of their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission at Guide of US is to provide and entrust travelers with accurate, authentic and pertinent information for all major attractions within the United States of America and to share our insight into the unique cultural, historical, and natural wonders of the USA. 

Our Objectives

To Provide: information we feel necessary to empower travelers with the best possible experiences. 
To Promote: local business and destinations within the United States.
To Preserve: the ideals and customs of each unique state or region so that future generations can equally experience the beauty and traditions of the travel destinations we promote.

Our Company & Services

Across the United States, tourism is a trillion dollar industry that continues to provide countless jobs, small business opportunities, and helps support millions of families.

Our team co-founded the 'Guide of US' Travel Network based on the principle of helping America reconnect with the travel and tourism market, giving each family the opportunity to venture out and experience the natural landmarks and incredible beauty of our country.

Guide of US recognizes that many destinations are continually looking for visitor growth by properly utilizing the digital tools, channels and inbound marketing techniques of the modern web. But attracting both new and repeat visitors has entirely new challenges in a bold new innovative age of online technology. Guide of US is engaging those challenges head on to build a new kind of tourism model that provides meaningful experiences to our website visitors across our family of sites.

Our team at Guide of US has crafted and continues to create authentic tourism web solutions within incredibly popular markets. Our work focuses on helping traditional tourism organizations like CVBs and DMOs, but we equally have the experience to support and provide growth to establishments like Chambers of Commerce, Regional Tourism Authorities, local & regional Government entities, travel trade show conferences, and other organizations working within the visitor destination or local community markets

As always, we genuinely welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Email us at info@guideofus.com

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