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Guide of US is a Travel Media & Marketing group. Our web properties were designed to be a one-stop resource for travelers planning their trips to major destinations within the US.

Since 2000, through the use of our web sites, mobile applications, email subscribers, and digital visitor guides – our mission has remained the same - to be an all-inclusive visitor guide to many beautiful and incredible destinations located within the United States of America.

As a proven leader in the US Tourism market, our team loves putting our combined 50+ years of hospitality, marketing, and advertising experience to work for our business partners in travel. 

Overview of our Travel Marketing Services

Dedicated Business Landing Page

  • Your business will have its own dedicated and personalized landing page to promote your services within related section(s) of the site.
  • Your landing page will include original information on your services.
  • Your landing page will have a direct link (optionally, with follow link attributes) to your website and/or reservation website.
  • Your dedicated landing page will have photos, videos, a location map, and, most importantly, a unique description.
  • The landing page can also have reviews, provided by you, to promote visitor confidence in the selection process.
  • The listing must be approved by you, or another representative of your company, before going live on Guide of US to ensure accuracy and consistency with your brand and marketing message.
  • Live Hawaii Example: Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa →

Email Marketing Campaigns & Broadcasts

  • Guide of US currently collects over 10,000 opt-in visitor's contact information monthly. This includes their travel dates, choice of destination(s), lodging budget, activities budget, and interest in related travel services.
  • This information is garnered through a variety of proprietary lead generation forms, visitor surveys, and quizzes meant to better serve our website visitors in planning their ideal trip.
  • Your brand will additionally be included in our strategic email campaigns, which help visitors step-by-step through the process of planning and booking their trip: including accommodations, activities, transportation, and more.
  • On average, each visitor will receive approximately 24 unique travel-related emails, offering a variety of travel related advice, tips, and suggestions as they prepare for their upcoming trip.
  • Guide of US can also send out exclusive email broadcasts promoting only your company and its related services to our subscribers.

Guidelink Intelligent Marketing

  • Guidelink is the unique process of pairing our visitors, at the proper stage of the travel planning funnel, with the business services that best suit their respective needs. This highly-targeted approach yields significantly greater conversion rates than traditional advertising or marketing strategies. This is because we intimately focus on each unique campaign to establish an authentic 'link' between the visitor and relevant services. This ultimately ensures value-driven results for our business partners, which are continuously refined through evaluation of our robust visitor network and the corresponding analytics.
  • Your company's information will be added into our Guidelink automated marketing system.
  • Guidelink will allow visitors, who indicated interest in services like those offered by your company, to immediately see your company in the corresponding results pages.

AdBlock Direct Link

  • AdBlocks are designed to look like other navigational elements of the Guide of US site and natively blend into the surrounding content, which helps to more naturally promote your related services.
  • AdBlocks can optionally send visitors directly to your website (or reservation system) OR directly to your business listing (if applicable).
  • Your AdBlocks will show up in related search queries that visitors enter when looking for services offered by your company.
  • AdBlocks can also display award information and other additional details to visitors searching for your services.

Lead Generation & Inquiry Forms

  • Guide of US can enable a Lead or Quote Form on your listing to aid in generating leads.
  • Each inquiry will dispatch an email directly to your company's reservation contact. This provides an excellent opportunity for your reservationist to be in direct contact with prospective clients with an opportunity to sell directly or up-sell, if needed.
  • Inquiry Forms & Lead Generation directly from the Guide of US website will enhance your prospective client's experience with your company.

Graphic Display Ads

  • Graphic ads provided by your company will appear on our site with an unlimited cap on the amount of impressions each month.
  • Your company will be able to provide Guide of US with as many graphic advertisements as you would like to rotate throughout our content pages.
  • These graphic ads can be targeted to a specific audience on the Guide of US site.
  • Guide of US team members will place ads to maximize exposure for your business services.

Contextual Links

  • We will add contextual links for your company in pertinent high-traffic sections of the website.
  • Contextual links will also be added to our email campaigns promoting packages, specials, and promotions offered by your brand.
  • Text links, though subtle, have the added benefit of natively blending into surrounding content providing a Guide of US "recommendation" to readers, which will build trust and establish your company as an authority on the corresponding topic.

Guide of US Audience & Analytics

Highly-Trafficked Websites

Traffic Summary

  • 2.5 Million Annual Visitors across our travel network websites
  • 5 Million Unique Pageviews on our travel properties
  • 3-Minute average visitor session on our network

Demographics Summary

  • 60% of visitors planning their trip are Female
  • 43% are under 35 years of age
  • 38% are between 35 and 55 years of age
  • 53% have a college degree
  • 20% have a post-graduate degree

Geographic Summary

  • 80% are visiting from the United States
  • 7% are visiting from Canada
  • 6% are visiting from Australia
  • 53% of US visitors are located in the Western US
  • 49% of Canadian visitors are located in Western Canada
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