Fresno (pop. ~497,000 in 2010) is the county seat of Fresno County and is situated about 200 miles north of L.A., and 170 miles south of Sacramento.

The county also takes first place in agricultural production in the U.S.; famous for both the quantity and quality of its produce.

Because the city is located virtually at the center of the state, not only is it a great place to visit in and of itself, but it is also a good stepping off point for many of the major attractions in Northern California. Some of these include Yosemite National Park, just 60 miles north; Sierra National Forest, about 80 miles northeast; and Sequoia National Park, just about 75 miles southeast.

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Fresno lies at the junction of two major highways: 41, which runs north/south, and 99, which runs northwest/southeast. Highway 180 is another major route crossing through the city west/east. Hwy 168 originates at Hwy 180 and extends northeast into the Sierra National Forest.

While there, make sure to visit the Forestiere Underground Gardens, a unique Mediterranean-themed underground network of rooms, passageways, and courtyards built over a 40-year period by a self-taught artist and builder.

You also won't want to miss the Shizen Japanese Garden in Woodward Park. Constructed to honor Kochi, Japan, Fresno's sister city, this serene park is filled with gorgeous flowers, plants, and shrubs. There's also a koi pond, lake, waterfalls, peafowl, and crickets galore- a relaxing oasis not to be missed.

Fresno Transportation

Transportation options in Fresno include the city's main airport- the Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT), once known as the Fresno Air Terminal. Amtrak also has a train station in the downtown area known as the Santa Fe Railroad Depot. In addition, there are plans for the California High-Speed Rail system (currently under construction), to service the city. Greyhound is yet another way to access the city and provides intercity and long-distance transportation. The city's public transportation is provided by the Fresno Area Express, also known as FAX.

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Published/Updated on: 02-20-2016

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